Hearths of Courage: Growing Beloved Communities

A few weeks ago near Harrison, Arkansas the KKK hosted a week long training camp. Open to ages sixteen and up, the camp attracted people from around the nation and sought to build “a mighty army” to fight against “racial genocide” and bring about “racial redemption.” This is the same KKK who purchased the large
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What the Children Will Expect of Us: A Living Room Conversation

Last week a coalition of several organizations and individuals across the south launched a media campaign calling on white people in small towns and rural areas to stand up against white supremacy and break through the cultures of silence surrounding race and racism. Our media campaign is just the first step in our collective long
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Letter of Mutual Interest #BlackLivesMatter Movement

 Now is the time for white people to stand in support and solidarity with black communities calling for an end to police brutality and profiling. As per the suggestions of Showing Up For Racial Justice, members of Little Rock Collective Liberation have penned a letter expressing support for the Black Lives Matter movement and an
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Stand With Fast Food Workers

Many people in Arkansas have been hearing about the fast food workers strikes. Some Arkansans stand behind the strikes while others feel the strike requests are too lofty. Others like the idea of a wage increase, but have mixed feelings about calling for 15.00 an hour for fast food workers when many Arkansas workers have
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“It’s Those Who Work in the Sun that Make It Possible for Those Who Work in the Shade” Thoughts on SSAWG.

The annual SSAWG (Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group) conference took place last weekend in Little Rock, Arkansas. A full three days of lectures, discussions, and dialog, the conference aims to “empower and inspire farmers, individuals, and communities in the South to create an agricultural system that is ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just, and humane.”
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Features, Columns and Contributors

NElda Ault:  Molly Bollick is from Northeastern Pennsylvania, in the mountains of the Anthracite coal region. She has a BA in Anthropology from Penn State University and has a background in labor activism, reproductive justice and rights, and most recently working with refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Nic Hartmann: Born and raised in Southern Indiana, Nic Hartmann

Stories and Movement from Arkansas and Beyond: Blogging for Human Rights Day, Partnership with the Ella Baker Center

Earlier this month the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights put out a call for writers, site administrators, and bloggers around the nation to come together on Monday December 10th, Human Rights Day, for an event they titled “Blogging for Human Rights Day — a one day blog carnival to shed light on human rights abuses and
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Why Carlos Stays In Detroit (and Why James Stays in Little Rock): Dispatch from Detroit Part 2.

In our second piece from Little Rock residents who traveled to Detroit for the Detroit 2012 ReImagining conference, James Szenher offers this profile of his visit with master craftsman Carlos Nielbock, a metalworker dedicated to his craft and his home. Inspired by Nieblock’s work and commitment, Szenher explores what constitutes a decision to call a place home
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Dispatch from Detroit: Part 1

The Boiled Down Juice explores concepts of community tradition, community action, and creative living, among many other things. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for reading!  In our ongoing effort to explore the concepts behind emergent locally-based economies, sustainability initiatives, and democratic action, we’re exploring conferences, discussions, and various forms of action taking place around the nation
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Detroit 2012: ReImagine the World, Transform Ourselves, Fight for the Future.

Since the beginning of the week,  people have been gathering in Detroit for Detroit 2012: Re-imagine the World,Transform Ourselves, Fight for the Future.  Bringing together activists and thinkers from around the nation, this gathering falls on the heels of the grassroots organizing coming out of the Occupy and other movements, posing these fundamental questions: What are the
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