A Reader Submission: 1920s Sorghum Harvest in Harkey’s Valley.

Last week’s Seed and the Story column discussed the tradition of sorghum growing in the central Arkansas area.  One of our readers, Freda Kay Martin Cossey (of no relation to myself), sent in these wonderful photos of a sorghum harvest in Harkey’s Valley, Arkansas.

According to Cossey, these photos were taken by Will Parks sometime around the 1920s.  They appear to be from a sorghum grain harvest rather than a sweet sorghum harvest. They’re wonderful shots and we’re so thankful to be able to share them here!

We’ve also included a few other photos she sent from Harkey’s Valley that were taken around the same time. Thanks so much to Freda Cossey for sharing these with us!   To read previous posts about sorghum and Harkey’s Valley, check out the links below. Do you have photos of sorghum growing?  We’d love to see them!

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Steam powered sawmill, Harkey’s Valley.


Pine tree being cut in early 1900s, Harkey’s Valley.




















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