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The oral history and folklore of Climate Change and an extension of what we mean by PLACE.

In working with a few different oral history programs, I have always been intrigued by how much information these interviews about rural life in North Carolina, Arkansas, or central Kentucky contain about climate change. When men and women in their 80s and 90s discuss their childhoods, they often recall extended winters, greater amounts of snow,
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Annotated Bibliographies now posted!

I have posted the annotated bibliographies, which you can find under the pages section of this blog. If there are books, articles or radio programs that you know of that I have not listed, please post and let me know!
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Participatory Research in Folklore?

Participatory research is typically defined as a form of research which combines three things: research, education, and action. Strongly linked to social action, participatory research is largely becoming the norm in many fields which folklorists sometimes see as competitors in the fight for departments and funding such as Women’s Studies, African American Studies, Pan-African Studies,
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Under Construction–more to come soon

I am in the process of finishing up the podcasts created for my independent study and preparing an annotated bibliography of useful sources that combine folklore and human rights education. Once complete, the annotated bibliography will be housed here. If you have any suggestions for books, webpages, school programs, archives, etc, please let me know.
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Youth Radio Programs–Part 1 (contains list of links)

Last year in Dr. Tim Evan’s Folklore and Education class I began writing a lesson plan for high school students entitled “Listen Out Loud: Youth Radio Audio Documentation Project.” Inspired by my former work as a public radio producer and the possibilities of combining oral history, folklore, radio, and student-based research, I also drew inspiration
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We Make the Road By Walking: Conversations on Education and Social Change

A book review
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Welcome/An Introduction

This blog will explore readings, discussions, experiences, and other forms of communication that bring together social justice, human rights-based education, and folklore studies. The original inspiration for this blog came about during my first semester of graduate school when I discovered that googling “folklore and social justice” resulted in few hits. Over the course of
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