Friday Video: “Everything is Much Vaster Than You Can Realize, Really.” James Baldwin Interview

Author James Baldwin. From

We came across this amazing interview with James Baldwin on Youtube. Unfortunately we don’t know where or when it originally aired or the name of the interviewer. If you do know, please pass the information along and we’ll include it!

Baldwin discusses the inspiration behind his writing, the inexplicable connections between deep suffering and true laughter and his long-time fascination with the core of our humanity.

Humans, he explains, are the “greatest specticle in the universe . . .The most unpredictable, the most terrifying. Sometimes the saddest sometimes the noblest.” He goes on to note how people fool themselves, seeking safety or security. “Everything is much vaster than you can imagine really. Much worse and much better.”  He then goes on to discuss the connections between sorrow and laughter and the role of description in learning to overcome struggles. Everything in the interview is worth quoting. Take a look below.

Hav a wonderful weekend!