Friday Video: Nikky Finney reading “Left” and “Penguin Mullet Bread.”

Earlier this week we posted about Kentucky-based writer and artist Bianca Sprigg’s recent essay regarding the importance of writer’s communities in the lives of budding authors. Throughout her essay Spriggs speaks of her involvement with the Affilachian Poets and the ongoing inspiration of poet Nikky Finney (more on the Affrilachian poets and their amazing work as both individuals and a collective in upcoming posts) who recently led the workshop at the Hindeman Settlement School.

Finney recently won the National Book Award winner for her collection of poems, Head Off and SplitThe collection represents an ongoing dialogue with “emblematic figures and events in African American life,” ranging from from “Civil Rights matriarch Rosa Parks, to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, from a brazen girl strung out on lightning, to a terrified woman abandoned on a rooftop during Hurricane Katrina.”

Here she is reading the poem the gentle and piercing “Penguin Mullet Bread.” If you’ve visited the Affrilachian poet’s site recnetly you’ve probably already seen this powerful reading of the Katrina inspired poem, “Left,” and we have included that below.