Friday Video: “We Got to Have More Love, More Understanding…” Sister Rosetta Tharpe, France, 1960

tumblr_llyszc9CrX1qbrimro1_500If you’re not familiar with Arkansas’s own Sister Rosetta Tharpe, here’s a bit of background on this amazing woman from Cotton Plant who bridged the worlds of sacred and secular music.  From the Arkansas Encylcopedia:

Rosetta Nubin was born in Cotton Plant (Woodruff County) on March 20, 1915, to Katie Bell Nubin, an evangelist, singer, and mandolin player for the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). No mention is found of her father. Nubin began performing at age four, playing guitar and singing “Jesus is on the Main Line.” By age six, Nubin appeared regularly with her mother, performing a mix of gospel and secular music styles that would eventually make her famous. As a youth, she could sing and keep on pitch and hold a melody. Her vocal qualities, however, paled beside her abilities on the guitar—she played individual tones, melodies, and riffs instead of just strumming chords. This talent was all the more remarkable because, at the time, few African-American women played guitar.  Read the entire entry, written by William K. McNeil, here. 

This week I came across this gem, which features a few different songs, including the wonderful “That’s All.” I don’t know much about its original source of the video, but if you do I’d love to hear what you know.

As Sister Rosetta Tharpe sings, “We got to have more love, more understanding, everyday of our lives and that’s all.” Happy Friday everyone!



And for good measure, here’s a few more Sister Rosetta Tharpe videos, some I think we’ve  posted before .  But you can never post too much Sister Rosetta, right? 

I know I posted this recently, but it’s too good to only post once.