Join the Community Conversation on Local Food in Central Arkansas this Saturday.

Several weeks ago we posted about about a study to strengthen local food systems in Little Rock. Engaging a diverse group of stakeholders including civic leaders, institutional leaders, politicians, business leaders, food producers, and consumers, the goals of this project are to engage the community in participatory research to learn what exactly the city needs to support a thriving local food system.

This coming Saturday the 15th at 2:00 p.m. Little Rock Urban Farming, with the help of Clinton School student Dylan Perry, will host the conversation titled “Let’s Build a Vibrant Local Food System!” The conversation will take place at Cox Creative Center at 120 River Market Avenue.

Dylan Perry is a student at the Clinton School of Public Service and this conversation is part of a community needs assessment Perry is conducting to identify opportunities to strengthen the local food system. Everyone is invited to the event and encouraged to join in the conversation about the strengths and need of a local food system.  LRUF will then use that information to develop a program that is consistent with the shared vision of the community.

Chris Hiryak, the founder and creative director of Little Rock Urban Farming is a proponent of food citizenship, defined as the practice of engaging in food-related behaviors that support rather than threaten the development of a democratic, socially and economically just, and environmentally sustainable food system.“We are ready to branch out and actively engage the community,” said Hiryak, founder and creative director of LRUF. “Everyone in our community has a part to play in this food movement.”

In addition to the community conversation, LRUF representatives will be available to engage community feedback at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. at 2200 Kavanaugh Blvd. To learn more about this project, contact Dylan Perry at