Monday Music: Cedric Burnside (and the Roots Music Festival at “Cultivating the Delta”).

burnsideArkansas State University’s annual Delta Symposium will begin this Wednesday in Jonesboro. This year’s theme is “Cultivating the Delta,” and will bring together a variety of scholars, community workers, and students to explore concepts of place, sustainability, history, community, artistic expression, and community action.

For the next few days we’ll be highlighting some of the speakers and topics you can hear at the symposium. For more information on attending, click here. For a full schedule, click here.

On Saturday from noon until 6:00 p.m. the symposium will present a “Roots Music Festival” with musicians from around the Delta and the south, including 2 Mule Plow and New Agrarians. Also performing is bluesman and drummer, Cedric Burnside.

Burnside is best known as the grandson of  legendary hill country blues artist R. L. Burnside. He got his start playing drums in his grandfather’s band and can be heard on albums such as  “Burnside On Burnside” featuring R. L. Burnside and his band in a club on Burnside Avenue in Portland. He later began playing with Lightnin’ Malcomhe and they recorded the album ” Two Man Wrecking Crew,” winning them the Blues Music Award for “Best New Artist Debut” in 2009. A year later Burnside was named “Drummer of the Year” and won again in 2011. He plays guitar, too and often switches back and forth on albums and in performances.


Today’s Monday Music features a few videos from Cedric Burnside and collaborators.

You can purchase albums and more here. 


Burnside and Trenton Ayers in Birmingham

Live at Criminal Records in GA.


Cedric on drums with R.. Burnside playing “Shake Em On Down.”