Monday Music: Kate and Anna McGarrigle “Walking Song.”

A few weeks ago on the Monday Music series we featured Martha Wainwright’s recent recording of “Proserpina.”This week we’re featuring her mother and aunt, the famous McGarrigle sisters from their 1977 album Dancer With the Bruised Knees. 

Born in Montreal of English and French Canadaian background, Kate and Anna put out over ten albums from the 1970s through 2008, including Dancer which was their second release. The album features three tracks in French and a handful of well-known musicians including John Cale, Dane Lanken, Bill Monroe, Dave Mattacks and Pat Donaldson.

Kate McGarrigle, the mother of well known song-writers Rufus Wainwright and Martha Wainwright, died in 2010. Here’s one of the more haunting songs on the album, “Walking Song.”