Reader Submission: The Growth of Sunflowers

Ashby Sunflower1Earlier this year reader when we asked about readers’ gardens, Mary Ashby shared this wonderful photo of her son with his sunflower seedlings. The caption reads: “My little boy, very proud of his first sunflower sprouts. This is day 4 after planting.” We asked her if she’d keep us posted on how they turned out.
This week she sent us the beautiful photo below of her family in their Kentucky garden. The caption reads: “Sunflower update. Also, inundated with squash and tomatoes. I mean really, how many green tomatoes can one person pickle?!”  It’s so amazing to see how the smallest seedlings become so large! Thanks so much for sharing, Mary!

Do you have photos from your garden? We’d love to share them! Click here and send us an image! 

Readers from Arkansas who are interested in gardening be sure and check out the work of the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources and Community Action’s Garden Book Project! 

Ashby Sunflower 2