Seed Broadcast: Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station

Image from Seed Broadcast.

We recently received news from CAAH (Conserving Central Arkansas Agricultural Heritage) that the Seed Broadcast Project will be making multiple stops on their summer tour, including a stop in central Arkansas!

The Seed Broadcast is a “collaborative project exploring grassroots seed action through collective inquiries and hands-on creative practices.”  Their work centers around issues of  food sovereignty and local agri-culture. Based in New Mexico, their goal is to collect and share seed stories and the seeds themselves, thus supporting seed action and open pollinated food sources throughout the nation.  To learn more click here. 

You can follow the Seed Story’s travels and documentation via their blog by clicking here.  They’re already posting some of the stories they’ve been collecting, including this story from Stephanie Thomas with the Lawrence, Kansas Farmers Market. Click here to see more information from Lawrence.


If you live in Arkansas, the SeedBroadcast Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station will be partnering with Conserving Arkansas’s Agricultural Heritage, Arkansas Local Food Network, and Central Arkansas New Agrarian Society to document stories in central Arkansas.

According to the Seed Broadcast, you can add to the Broadcast bulletin board – a cork board wall presenting seed saving and organizing how to’s. You can also help create a mural on the Broadcasting Station with collaged images of the seeds you love. Attendees are encouraged to bring some of their favorite seeds and add their photo to the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station mural.  Click below on the link to see a complete copy of the flyer and please print the flyer and help spread the word!  We’ll be posting more information about the Arkansas visit as we have it.

Click here for flyer and information.   To learn more email: or call: 1-505-718-4511


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