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“Ella’s Song”: The Importance of Coming Together as Caregivers

  For as long as I can remember I’ve always been curious about what came before. As a child, I used to go about my days wondering what stories and experiences once occupied the places I called home. The adult version of that same childhood curiosity is what gave birth to this column and much
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Stand With Fast Food Workers

Many people in Arkansas have been hearing about the fast food workers strikes. Some Arkansans stand behind the strikes while others feel the strike requests are too lofty. Others like the idea of a wage increase, but have mixed feelings about calling for 15.00 an hour for fast food workers when many Arkansas workers have
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Friday Video: Zilphia Horton Cultural Organizing Project

This week’s Friday Video highlights the work of Highlander Research and Education Center’s Zilphia Horton Cultural Organizing Project. This program brings together cultural organizers from around the south to learn from other grassroots organizations and develop strategies for their home communities. Drawing from local cultures, participants gain skills to help them better advocate for community
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Muzzled Oxen Part 2: The Price of Cotton

Last month we explored a recent book published by the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies entitled Muzzled Oxen: Reaping Cotton and Sowing Hope in 1920s Arkansas. Written by the late Genevieve Grant Sadler of California, the memoir explores her years in Yell County Arkansas where her family worked the cotton fields outside of Dardanelle. The
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Little Rock to Fayetteville: An Open Conversation About Collective Liberation with Omni Center

Members of the recently formed group Little Rock Collective Liberation will be visiting the Omni Center for Peace Justice and Ecology this coming Sunday to have a roundtable conversation about the larger concepts of collective liberation and the importance of building locally-based movements that work across wedge issues. Anyone interested in anti-racist work and building
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Community, Youth, and Barbecue Sauce

This piece was written in partnership with ABOUT the River Valley magazine and the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources and Community Action. You can view the original article here.  We write a feature piece each month for ABOUT the River Valley. Want to subscribe to this magazine? Go here.  Your subscription helps support our work! The River Valley Progressive Men’s
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American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs

In the last column I discussed the recent publication Muzzled Oxen: Reaping Cotton and Sowing Hope in 1920s Arkansas. I promised a series of columns on that book, and I’ll be picking back up with those in the following weeks. But this week I’d like to call attention to a film that will be available
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Working Girl Blues and Coal Tattoos: Women in Labor Unions in the 1970s

Written by contributor Audra Butler, this post is taken from a larger essay on women’s involvement in the American labor movement of the 1970s. “Though most of us think of the urban and pink collar organization during that decade,” writes Butler, “Appalachian women also organized and fought for better jobs and higher wages.”  She provides this
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Muzzled Oxen: Reaping Cotton and Sowing Hope in 1920s Arkansas, Part 1

A recent book published by Butler Center Books, the publishing arm of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, examines life in the Yell County cotton fields in the 1920s. Written by the late Genevieve Grant Sadler, Muzzled Oxen: Reaping Cotton and Sowing Hope in 1920s Arkansas is a captivating memoir drawn from letters Sadler wrote
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Parenting Resources and Birth Options (Partnership piece with the McElroy House)

This story originally ran in the May issue of ABOUT the River Valley magazine in partnership with the Boiled Down Juice and McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources and Community Action.  In many ways becoming a new parent (or even becoming a parent for the third, fourth, or fifth time) can feel like navigating a complicated maze.
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