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Meet the Growers: James Obie Woods

This is part of our ongoing series profiling regional growers as part of the McElroy’s House’s Garden Book Project to be released this spring. Go here to learn more!  The temperatures are growing cooler and gardens will enter their dormant phase to prepare for the birth of spring. At the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural
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The Beauty of Mustard Greens

  It’s mustard green season, and these cool weather vegetables are popping up in gardens all around the region. Cultivated throughout the south, these leafy greens are related to both collard greens and kale, and were first grown in the Himalayan region of India. Today they are cultivated all across Asia, South America, and throughout
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Pies for Pavement Event October 17th: Stories from Pie Makers

Recently this column touched on the importance of regional baking traditions. At the McElroy House: Organization for Folklife, Oral History, and Community Action, myself and Marie Williams have been working on a series of events highlighting the stories of a few of our region’s local pie makers to be featured in our Pies for Pavement
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The United People’s Co-Op in Mississippi County, Arkansas, 1969.

Several months ago this column featured some research on the history and origins of the regional organization, ARVAC and the larger, national VISTA program that helped to create programs such as ARVAC. Created in 1965, the VISTA program was part of President Johnson’s War on Poverty and the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Throughout the
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Growing Wild Mint

This past spring I found a large patch of wild mint growing out in Harkey Valley in Yell County. With its square stalks, pointed leaves, and tall spikes of purple flowers, the plant stood over two feet tall. It blanketed a large patch of the former pasture, growing up past the top row of the
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“No One Here Should Ever Go Hungry:” Harmony Gardens

We recently wrote about an upcoming workday taking place at Harmony Gardens in Russellville, Arkansas. I had a chance to attend to the workday and learn a bit more about the people operating the garden and the motivations behind their work. Located on two large corner lots belonging to the First United Methodist Church in
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Living Out the Land Ethic: The Campbells in Pope County

This week’s Seed and the Story column is part of the McElroy House: Organization for Folklife, Oral History, and Community Action’s ongoing series featuring the stories of local growers in the Yell and Pope County regions of central Arkansas. To learn more about the Garden Book project, go here.  Interested in supporting this work? Click
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Voices of Intergenerational Gardening: Grandfather and Grandson Talk Seeds and Harvest on Ozarks at Large

You may recall a recent Seed and the Story column about grandfather and grandson Whitney Wills and Bryan Mader who’ve been gardening together on a small backyard plot in Dardanelle, Arkansas. The column was written in partnership with our sister organization, the McElroy House: Organization for Folklife, Oral History, and Community Action as part of the ongoing
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Community News Columns and Resource Sharing: Harmony Gardens and Manna House

Update: Harmony Gardens will be hosting a community-wide work day and learning event Saturday June 8th, 2013! Come to the event and… Get your hand in the dirt and plant some seeds, flowers, etc…  Learn how to have your own garden Mulch, so easy to do Weed and learn grass control tips  Adopt you own
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Early Years of the Little Rock Food Movement: A Discussion with Nao Ueda and Katy Elliot

The Central Arkansas food movement is growing rapidly. The recent Fresh Guide published by the Arkansas Local Food Network lists over sixty school and community gardens  and urban farms operating in the area and an increasing number of cafes and restaurants serving local food .(To read our piece on the guide click here). What’s especially inspiring is the
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