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My First Attempt at Pie-Making

We are really excited about this first piece from new contributor Stacy Johnson. Originally from Arkansas and now living in Pennsylvania, Stacy recently tackled her first pie. Here she shares her thoughts on holidays, pie making, and the importance of connecting across generations.  Growing up in small town Arkansas, less than 10 miles from most
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Meet the Growers: James Obie Woods

This is part of our ongoing series profiling regional growers as part of the McElroy’s House’s Garden Book Project to be released this spring. Go here to learn more!  The temperatures are growing cooler and gardens will enter their dormant phase to prepare for the birth of spring. At the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural
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Flooding Rivers and Everyday Music: The Stories and Songs of Floy Bearden

This piece was originally published in the October 2013 issue of ABOUT the River Valley magazine and was written by Boiled Down Juice editor Meredith Martin-Moats.   Photos of grandchildren and great grandchildren line the walls of Floy Bearden’s home in Dardanelle. A bag of crochet peaks out from under the piano, the platform above the keys lined
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The Seed of Sally Good’n: A Black Family of Arkansas 1833-1953

Published by the University Press of Kentucky, The Seed of Sally Good’n: A Black Family of Arkansas 1933-1953 traces the descendants of a woman named Sally, a young African and Cherokee slave who was purchased by Taylor Polk from the Cherokee community near Fort Smith in the late 1920s. Taylor Polk, a prominent landowner in Montgomery
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Monday Music: Bardic Divas: Women’s Voices in Central Asia

Today’s Monday Music post comes from a 2007 Smithsonian Folkways release entitled “Music of Central Asia Vol. 4: Bardic Divas: Women’s Voices in Central Asia.” Focusing on diverse styles of women’s music throughout central Asia, the series is part of a 10 cd set and is a co-production of the Aga Khan Music Initiative in
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Summer Reading Series: Right to DREAM: Immigration Reform and America’s Future

This week’s column continues the summer reading series, a look at books—both recent and decades old—that shed light on history and everyday life in central Arkansas. Published this year by the University of Arkansas Press, Right to DREAM: Immigration Reform and America’s Future is a look at the the importance of the DREAM ACT and
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High Waters and Social Change: The Flood of 1927

This week’s Seed and the Story column is part of an ongoing partnership with the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture.  Be sure and check out this great online resource here.  Flash floods have wrecked havoc on the state in recent weeks, causing damage to roads and bridges and, in a few cases, leading to
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Monday Music: Hazel Dickens Singing “West Virginia, My Home,” 1978

This past Saturday would have been Hazel Dickens’s 88th birthday. She passed away in 2011. She was a songwriter and singer, played guitar and upright bass, and is best known for her biting songs about workers’ rights, the injustice of big coal, and the fight for womens’ equality. — Set against the backdrop of bluegrass
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Friday Video: Wild Horses of the Ozarks

Filmmaker David Abberton of Missouri is working on a film about bands of free-roaming horses that make their homes about halfway between Little Rock and St. Louis. Wild Horses of the Ozarks will feature footage of these horses in the wild combined with research and “oral histories of the Ozarkers along the Current and Jack’s Fork
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Summer Reading Series: An Arkansas Folklore Sourcebook

This begins Part One is a new series for the Seed and the Story column, which runs here on the Boiled Down Juice and in two Arkansas newspapers. This season-long series will highlight books that help us gain a deeper understanding of the central Arkansas region and related topics. We’d love for this series to
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