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Friday Video: Vanishing of the Bees

The Friday Video series is a regular feature of the Boiled Down Juice. If you’d like to suggest a video or submit an article, please contact us at the “Contact Us” link above. We’d love to hear from you.  The 2009 release Vanishing of the Bees  is currently streaming on Netflix. Supported by many bee advocates and
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Arkansas Vigil to End Immigrant Detention

El Zocalo Immigrant Resource Center, a volunteer-based grassroots organization that provides support to immigrant detainees and their families and to immigrants needing to access medical care, is asking Arkansans concerned about immigrants rights to attend a vigil to end detention this Sunday, December 9th beginning at 4:15 p.m. at St. Edwards Catholic Church. Arkansas immigrant rights
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Friday Video: Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work

Shift Change examines the movement toward democratic, worker-owned businesses from the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation [MCC] in the Basque region of Spain to the recent creation of the Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleaveland, Ohio. Produced by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin, this film explores a different kind of business model, putting communities and human lives above bottom line profits. You can
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Reflections on Rowher by Jessica Yamane

The Rowher Relocation Centerwas one of  the two WWII era internment camps built in Arkansas to imprison Japanese Americans forced from the west coast due to so-called “military necessity.” According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History, from September 18, 1942, to November 30, 1945, the Rowher and Jerome camps housed over 16,000 Japanese Americans. It was one
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Interactive Discussion with Democracy Collaberative and Community–Please Join Us!

Are you interested in small-scale local economies and the role they can play in sustainable futures? We’d love for you to join us in sharing your ideas, questions, and concerns with members of and the Demcoracy Collaberative. Community-Wealth.Org is a project of the Democracy Collaborative, an organization with the goal of  sustaining “a wide
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MACS Students Discuss Cultural Sustainability and Social Justice at the American Folklore Society Meeting, 2012

This past week we attended (and presented–we’ll have more on that soon) at the annual American Folklore Society Meeting. For the next few days we’ll be recapping/ruminating upon some of the talks and discussions as well as sharing information about a few of the amazing people we met and the inspiring work they’re doing in
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Supporting Immigrants and Equitable Communities: Arkansas United Community Coalltion

The Arkansas Times recently hosted its first annual Festival of Ideas at the Clinton School of Public Service. Featuring over fifty of Arkansas’s most innovative leaders, artists, and activists, these lectures and question and answer sessions provided a forum for Arkansans to discuss both the present and the future of the state, embracing strengths and addressing areas
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Friday Video: Uprising of ’34

Today’s Friday Video tells the story of the General Strike of 1934, a little-known strike involving thousands of cotton mills workers during the Great Depression. The Uprising of 34  puts forth the question, “How could such a pivotal moment in American history be kept a secret for 60 years?” Produced by George Stoney, Judith Helfrand, and
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Series on Poverty to Air on Ozarks at Large

Arkansas is a financially poor state, and always has been. Whether we’re talking about sustainable economies or cultural concepts, this fact forms the undercurrent of much of what we post here at the Boiled Down Juice. Since the 1960s Arkansas has ranked among the poorest states in the country (for example, see our recent posts
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Arkansas Local Food Network Community Fund

Community funds are an excellent way to pool resources and help people in need. Based on the concept of giving circles, and inspired by the activities at the Conway Locally Grown Market, the Arkansas Local Food Network recently began a Community Fund to help area growers find start-up money to get their operations up and
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