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Yonder Mountain: An Ozarks Anthology

In April of this year the University of Arkansas press released the book Yonder Mountain: An Ozarks Anthology. A collection of writings by Ozark authors both past and present, this compilation features a mixture of both fiction and non fiction pieces and pays homage to the 1981 publication, Ozark, Ozark: A Hillside Reader. Compiled by
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Living the Deliberate Life: The Larger Story Behind Billy Reeder’s Cabin

  This piece was originally published in the November 2013 issue of ABOUT the River Valley magazine. Learn more about ABOUT the River Valley magazine here.    Hand sewn from local pine and oak, Billy Reeder’s 880 square foot log cabin took four years to build. Located on the family farm in rural Perry County, the home sits
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“What Could be the Meaning or Use of Such Love?”: Berry’s “A Native Hill.”

I recently reread Wendell Berry’s essay, “A Native Hill,” a winding exploration of home, the importance of knowing a place deeply, and our collective responsibilities to the land.  Born in 1934, Berry is a novelist, cultural critic, and a farmer who lives on his family’s land in Kentucky. Best known for his direct and eloquent
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Growing Wild Mint

This past spring I found a large patch of wild mint growing out in Harkey Valley in Yell County. With its square stalks, pointed leaves, and tall spikes of purple flowers, the plant stood over two feet tall. It blanketed a large patch of the former pasture, growing up past the top row of the
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More on Harvey Couch and the Growth of Arkansas Industry

  Last week’s column focused on Harvey Couch and the role he played in relief efforts during the Flood of 1927. Founder of Arkansas Power and Light Company, Couch was one of the state’s first industrial entrepreneurs. Whereas last week’s column explored his later life, this week we’ll go backwards a bit and explore his
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Friday Video: Wild Horses of the Ozarks

Filmmaker David Abberton of Missouri is working on a film about bands of free-roaming horses that make their homes about halfway between Little Rock and St. Louis. Wild Horses of the Ozarks will feature footage of these horses in the wild combined with research and “oral histories of the Ozarkers along the Current and Jack’s Fork
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Summer Reading Series: An Arkansas Folklore Sourcebook

This begins Part One is a new series for the Seed and the Story column, which runs here on the Boiled Down Juice and in two Arkansas newspapers. This season-long series will highlight books that help us gain a deeper understanding of the central Arkansas region and related topics. We’d love for this series to
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Friday Video: “The Real Science is the Science of Interconnection.” Vandana Shiva on the Problem with Genetically-Modified Seeds

Friday Video posts are a (semi) regular feature on the Boiled Down Juice and explore concepts of community, history, and culture. If you’re interested in suggesting a video, please let us know. We’d love to hear your ideas.  If you’re already familiar with GMO (genetically-modified organisms) and have been following the recent developments, or if
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Humans, Animals, Land: Camaraderie Birdtown, Arkansas.

The Seed and the Story is a weekly column written by Boiled Down Juice editor Meredith Martin-Moats exploring folklife, oral history, and community in central Arkansas, particularly the Yell County area where the column originates. The column is published in the Post Dispatch and is syndicated in the Courier and on the Boiled Down Juice. Topics included in
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Friday Video: Vanishing of the Bees

The Friday Video series is a regular feature of the Boiled Down Juice. If you’d like to suggest a video or submit an article, please contact us at the “Contact Us” link above. We’d love to hear from you.  The 2009 release Vanishing of the Bees  is currently streaming on Netflix. Supported by many bee advocates and
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