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Upcoming Russellville Seed Swap and Film Showing

It’s getting close to spring planting time, and many of you are probably readying your garden beds and ordering seeds. If you are a seed saver, perhaps you’re taking stock of what you gathered from last year’s harvest. Both experienced and beginner gardeners are invited to attend the Russellville Seed Swap Saturday February 23rd from
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Get Involved: Gleaning in Central Arkansas

A few weeks ago we posted about opportunities for gleaning for foodbanks in central Arkansas.  After an initial meeting, small-scale growers and volunteers are coming together to organize a network to produce and harvest locally-grown food for area foodbanks.  In most cases gleaning is something down on large-scale farms. But it can be done on small-scale farms
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Arkansas Sustainability Network Local Food Directory

The Seed and the Story is a partnership with the Courier and Post Dispatch newspapers in Pope and Yell County, Arkansas. This weekly column explores folklife, oral history, and community in central Arkansas, particularly the Yell County area where the column originates. Columns are often written in partnership with the McElroy House: Organization for Folklife, Oral History, and Community
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Testimonials for Ancestors and the Sustainable Work of the Raíces Cultural Center

The Raíces Cultural Center, located in central New Jersey, is dedicated to the preservation of the full spectrum of caribbean cultural arts including music, dance, art, and the spoken word. The word raíces means roots, and the center operates from a core belief that cultural arts are a central part of the human experience and should
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Growing and Gleaning for Food Banks in Central Arkansas

Hunger is a problem throughout the United States, especially in Arkansas which ranks third in the nation for instances of food insecurity. Access to fresh food is especially difficult for people in low income communities who may not have access to grocery stores providing a regular supply of fresh food. And many fruits and vegetables
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Friday Video: Vanishing of the Bees

The Friday Video series is a regular feature of the Boiled Down Juice. If you’d like to suggest a video or submit an article, please contact us at the “Contact Us” link above. We’d love to hear from you.  The 2009 release Vanishing of the Bees  is currently streaming on Netflix. Supported by many bee advocates and
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Join the Community Conversation on Local Food in Central Arkansas this Saturday.

Several weeks ago we posted about about a study to strengthen local food systems in Little Rock. Engaging a diverse group of stakeholders including civic leaders, institutional leaders, politicians, business leaders, food producers, and consumers, the goals of this project are to engage the community in participatory research to learn what exactly the city needs to
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Stories and Movement from Arkansas and Beyond: Blogging for Human Rights Day, Partnership with the Ella Baker Center

Earlier this month the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights put out a call for writers, site administrators, and bloggers around the nation to come together on Monday December 10th, Human Rights Day, for an event they titled “Blogging for Human Rights Day — a one day blog carnival to shed light on human rights abuses and
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Opportunity for Central Arkansas Youth: Summer of Solutions Youth Program Coordinator

If you’re a young person in the Little Rock area interested in engaged community work, locally-based community problem solving, fighting racism, the creation of local businesses, and a deeper exploration of place-based sustainability, the Summer of Solutions Program Coordinator position could be a wonderful opportunity. Little Rock Summer of Solutions is a project of Village
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A Study to Strengthen Local Food Systems in the Little Rock Area

There’s a new project underway in Little Rock  helping to identify the underpinnings of a vibrant, healthy and local food system. Engaging a diverse group of stakeholders including civic leaders, institutional leaders, politicians, business leaders, food producers, and consumers, the project will engage in participatory research to learn what exactly the city needs to support
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