Arkansas Tattoo Project Update: Visiting the Parlor in Rose City/North Little Rock.

Alinda Bennett at the Parlor gives Anthony Buckaloo his second Arkansas tattoo.

For the past few months we’ve been documenting the prevelance of Arkansas-themed tattoos and the stories behind them. The response has been amazing and generated many conversations about Arkansas as both a place and an idea.

Working in partnership with Shoog Radio on KABF, we’ve set up a Facebook page where people can upload their own photos and stories. To learn more visit the page here: Us Tattooed Kids: Arkansas Project.

And I’ve also been visiting with people, taking along my recorder and camera listening to stories about why people choose to mark their bodies with symbols of the place they call home. In the next few weeks a print piece will be coming out in the Arkansas Times and an audio essay for KUAF Public Radio will air later this spring. But I hope this project will keep going and become more community led. So if you’ve got an Arkansas tattoo or know someone who does, please spread the word and upload your photos and stories to the page above or contact me directly. We want to document a wide range of stories and voices, and we’d love to include yours.


Here’s a short audio clip from one of my favorite interviews so far, an interview with Anthony Buckaloo who, during the interview, is getting his second Arkansas tattoo from Alina Bennett at the Parler in Rose City/North Little Rock.

In this clip he’s speaking with Parlor owner Scott Diffee about his first tattoo, an Arkansas outline. During the interview he’s getting the tattoo shown above. He talks about growing up in a low income neighborhood in North Little Rock and how much he loves his home. Here’s a short clip.

[mp3j track=”Anthony-B.mp3″]
I’ll be posting more clips this week from other interviews. Help us document the wide diversity of Arkansas tattoos and the stories and people behind them. Visit the facebook page here and tell your Arkansas story.