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We Make the Road by Walking: Standing Up Against Silence and Hate

Today in a little community called Zinc, Arkansas, the KKK is beginning their week-long training camp. Open to people ages 16 and up, the camp seeks to build “a mighty army” to take back the white race from what they describe as “racial genocide.” I live about three hours away from the klan camp, and
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Ed Whitfield Visits Little Rock: More on the Renaissance Community Co-Op

Last week Datule Artist Collective and Little Rock Collective Liberation hosted an afternoon discussion with Whitfield to drive collective action in central Arkansas and beyond.  A longtime organizer originally from Little Rock, Whitfield gave a talk entitled “Blood, Bones, and Dirt,” which focused on the long history of slavery and capitalism while also offering examples of democratic power building
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Fighting Racism in Arkansas: Get Equipped with Organizer Chris Crass

We are very excited to be working in partnership with the newly formed Little Rock Collective Liberation group to bring Nashville-based author and organizer Chris Crass to Arkansas for a series of events engaging participants in anti-racist training and discussions about what it means to work together across wedge issues (see full list of events
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Farm to Table and “Southern Foodways as Cultural Memory and Everyday Resistance.”

This post is part of our weekly “The Seed and the Story” series, a partnership with the Courier newspaper and the McElroy House: Organization for Folklife, Oral History and Community Action.  Did you have a chance to attend the CAAH (Conserving Arkansas’s Agricultural Heritage) Pope County Seed Swap last Saturday? We had a wonderful time
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Interactive Discussion with Democracy Collaberative and Community–Please Join Us!

Are you interested in small-scale local economies and the role they can play in sustainable futures? We’d love for you to join us in sharing your ideas, questions, and concerns with members of and the Demcoracy Collaberative. Community-Wealth.Org is a project of the Democracy Collaborative, an organization with the goal of  sustaining “a wide
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