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Here is Where We Must Begin: Water, Drought, and Flowers

This column was originally published in ABOUT the River Valley magazine and it part of a long-standing series with the publication. The banks of the Arkansas river are over flowing. Last week the water went up past the basketball goals in downtown Dardanellle and all the low water bridges have washed out. The wetlands in
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“Documenting Culture in the 21st Century:” Symposium at the American Folklife Center

As part of our work at the McElroy House: Organization for Culture Resources, and in connection with the work we do through the Boiled Down Juice, founder Meredith Martin-Moats has been invited to speak at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress as part of a symposium entitled, “Documenting Culture in the 21st
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A New CSA, Garden Project Update, Pecan Workshop, Caregiver Workshop, and Other News!

Since I first started writing this column back in 2011 I have tried to use this space as both a place to share stories related to local and regional history and location to share information that can help us explore the past with the goal of moving into a more loving future. And by loving
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VISTA Programing, Crafts Co-Op, and War on Poverty in Central Arkansas: ARVAC in Encyclopedia of Arkansas

  In the last year many of our Seed and the Story columns have focused on the history of the ARVAC (Arkansas River Valley Area Congress). Through our work via the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources and Community Action we recently wrote an entry for the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture about the
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Working Girl Blues and Coal Tattoos: Women in Labor Unions in the 1970s

Written by contributor Audra Butler, this post is taken from a larger essay on women’s involvement in the American labor movement of the 1970s. “Though most of us think of the urban and pink collar organization during that decade,” writes Butler, “Appalachian women also organized and fought for better jobs and higher wages.”  She provides this
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Muzzled Oxen: Reaping Cotton and Sowing Hope in 1920s Arkansas, Part 1

A recent book published by Butler Center Books, the publishing arm of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, examines life in the Yell County cotton fields in the 1920s. Written by the late Genevieve Grant Sadler, Muzzled Oxen: Reaping Cotton and Sowing Hope in 1920s Arkansas is a captivating memoir drawn from letters Sadler wrote
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50 Years After the War on Poverty: ARVAC and Local Stories

  This Seed and the Story column originally ran in February of 2014. January of this year marked the fiftieth anniversary of President Johnson’s War on Poverty. In his first State of the Union address on January 8, 1964, Johnson called upon the nation to aggressively fight the 19% poverty rate, exclaiming,“We shall not rest
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Loving Place, Culture, and Identity: A Recollection of Another Folklore Conference

Contributor Nic Hartmann recently attended the annual meeting of the American Folklore Society and offers this discussion of two powerful presentations, reminding readers what it means to love the local and the importance of translating conferences addresses into everyday action.   Were you at AFS this year? We’d love to hear your thoughts on these talks
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“Single Pens, Saddlebags, and Dogtrots:” Log Building Exhibit from the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History

The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History located in Springdale, Arkansas regularly offers in-house exhibits on Ozark life. They are known for their extensive photo collection and regularly create online exhibits as well, such as the recent exhibit on Ozark log construction entitled, “Single Pens, Saddlebags, and Dogtrots.” Log cabins have become a backwoods stereotype. But
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Monday Music: Accordion Kings and Queens LIVE!

Texas Folklife recently released Accordion Kings and Queens LIVE!, an energetic mixture of sounds both traditional and innovative. Recorded live at the annual Kings and Queens of Accordion showcase, this cd features a wide array of musical styles and showcases the talents of multiple Texas tradition bearers. Producer Sarah Rucker took the time to answer a few
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