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Central Arkansas Delegation for Worker Democracy

The central Arkansas delegation is now safe in sound in Massachusetts at the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy! They’re learning all kinds of amazing things and will be bringing all this knowledge back to the larger community in the near future! Thanks so much to everyone who helped to support getting them there. If you’re
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Don’t Kill the Dandelions! Make Fritters Instead. (Yes Fritters)

  Dandelions are popping up everywhere. We’ve been taught they’re weeds, something to be banished from our yards and handled with highly toxic chemicals like Roundup. But they’re actually herbs and they play a hugely important role in our local ecosystems. They’re food for butterflies and bees, those creatures we so desperately need to keep
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Rosemary Recipe to Welcome Spring

This time last week you were probably reading the paper a bit blurry-eyed and extra sleepy after losing an hour of sleep to daylight savings time. Springing forward sixty minutes is strangely staggering to the schedule. Hopefully by now we’re all starting to settle in to the longer days and enjoying the extra time to
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My First Attempt at Pie-Making

We are really excited about this first piece from new contributor Stacy Johnson. Originally from Arkansas and now living in Pennsylvania, Stacy recently tackled her first pie. Here she shares her thoughts on holidays, pie making, and the importance of connecting across generations.  Growing up in small town Arkansas, less than 10 miles from most
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Pies for Pavement Event October 17th: Stories from Pie Makers

Recently this column touched on the importance of regional baking traditions. At the McElroy House: Organization for Folklife, Oral History, and Community Action, myself and Marie Williams have been working on a series of events highlighting the stories of a few of our region’s local pie makers to be featured in our Pies for Pavement
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Pies for Pavement and the Creation of the McElroy House Community Center

Food says a lot about who we are and where we’ve been. And if you’re a regular reader of this column, you know I often talk about how stories are passed down in families and communities. In many ways food and stories are inseparable. And in this region marked by the foothills of the Ozarks,
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Recipes and Stories

The Seed and the Story is a weekly column exploring folklife, oral history, and community in central Arkansas, particularly the Yell County area where the column originates. The column is published in the Post Dispatch and is syndicated in the Courier and on the Boiled Down Juice. This week the paper is running the regular column as well
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