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“Ella’s Song”: The Importance of Coming Together as Caregivers

  For as long as I can remember I’ve always been curious about what came before. As a child, I used to go about my days wondering what stories and experiences once occupied the places I called home. The adult version of that same childhood curiosity is what gave birth to this column and much
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Community Singings and Square Dances: Muzzled Oxen Part 3

If you’ve been reading this column lately you’re familiar with our regular features on the recently published book, Muzzled Oxen: Reaping Cotton and Sowing Hope in 1920s Arkansas. Published by Butler Center Books, a branch of the Central Arkansas Library system, this three hundred fifty page memoir documents the stories of Genevieve Grant Sadler, a
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Friday Video: “The Voice of the People,” KABF on NBC Nightly News, 1990.

In this week’s Friday Video we take a look at one of Arkansas’s most-loved community radio stations.  Little Rock, Arkansas’s KABF radio , “the voice of the people,” has been serving the community for decades.  F0llow them online and listen live here. Check out this great national profile of the station from way back in 1990.
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Monday Music: “People Talkin'” Hurray for the Riff Raff

It’s been a while, but we’re bringing back the Monday Music series. Each Monday will feature music new and old. We’d love to hear from you. What’s one of those songs you find yourself putting on endless repeat? Here’s members of Hurry for the Riff Raff doing a cover of Lucinda Williams’s “People Talkin.'”
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Working Girl Blues and Coal Tattoos: Women in Labor Unions in the 1970s

Written by contributor Audra Butler, this post is taken from a larger essay on women’s involvement in the American labor movement of the 1970s. “Though most of us think of the urban and pink collar organization during that decade,” writes Butler, “Appalachian women also organized and fought for better jobs and higher wages.”  She provides this
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Pete Seeger 1919-2014

Our site crashed recently and we’re finally getting around to posting recent material. This Seed and the Story column originally ran in late January.  Folk singer and activist Pete Seeger passed away on January 27th at the age of 94. He is known today for his pivotal role in the folk music revival of the
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Flooding Rivers and Everyday Music: The Stories and Songs of Floy Bearden

This piece was originally published in the October 2013 issue of ABOUT the River Valley magazine and was written by Boiled Down Juice editor Meredith Martin-Moats.   Photos of grandchildren and great grandchildren line the walls of Floy Bearden’s home in Dardanelle. A bag of crochet peaks out from under the piano, the platform above the keys lined
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Pure Sound: Guy Lancaster on Discovering and Making Didgeridoos

Contributor Guy Lancaster talks music, meditation, land use, and anarchy is this beautiful piece about making and playing didgeridoos.
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Singing Schools and the Encyclopedia of Arkansas Music

Last week’s column highlighted just a few of the entries from the recently released Encyclopedia of Arkansas Music. Published by the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, the book draws from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture’s online collection of entries about the past and present of Arkansas music. As editor Ali Wekly writes in
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Composers, Harmonica Players, and Meditation Music: Release of The Encyclopedia of Arkansas Music

The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies and the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture recently published the book, Encyclopedia of Arkansas Music, a comprehensive look at the wide-ranging styles of music that have come out of the state. Including over 150 entries taken from the online Encyclopedia, this anthology edited by Ali Welky and Mike
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