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Monday Music: “People Talkin'” Hurray for the Riff Raff

It’s been a while, but we’re bringing back the Monday Music series. Each Monday will feature music new and old. We’d love to hear from you. What’s one of those songs you find yourself putting on endless repeat? Here’s members of Hurry for the Riff Raff doing a cover of Lucinda Williams’s “People Talkin.'”
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Monday Music: Accordion Kings and Queens LIVE!

Texas Folklife recently released Accordion Kings and Queens LIVE!, an energetic mixture of sounds both traditional and innovative. Recorded live at the annual Kings and Queens of Accordion showcase, this cd features a wide array of musical styles and showcases the talents of multiple Texas tradition bearers. Producer Sarah Rucker took the time to answer a few
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Sounds From Home: Rachel Hopkin on Elgar and Homeland.

In the newest installment in our Monday Music series, Rachel Hopkin offers this beautiful exploration of the music of home.  I think it’s something of a trope that people who choose to leave their native land and settle far away, only come to value the culture they grew up amidst after they’ve left it far
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Monday Music: “Joshua Fit the Battle,” Clara Ward Singers featuring Geraldine Jones

  Today’s Monday Music is a 1962 performance of the The Clara Ward Singers in Antibes, France during the Antibes Jazz Festival. Geraldine Jones is singing the lead with Mildred Means singing soprano. Started by Clara Ward’s mother, Gertrude Ward, the Ward Singers began in 1931 as a family group. Later the youngest daughter, Clara,
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Monday Music: “There Is Power In a Union” by Billy Bragg

Today’s Monday Music post comes from regular Boiled Down Juice author, Nic Hartmann, who discusses how Bragg’s music draws from past generations to remind us of the work still left to be done.  Want to contribute to our Monday Music series and tell your story about a song or artist? Click here to contact us. 
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Monday Music: Hazel Dickens Singing “West Virginia, My Home,” 1978

This past Saturday would have been Hazel Dickens’s 88th birthday. She passed away in 2011. She was a songwriter and singer, played guitar and upright bass, and is best known for her biting songs about workers’ rights, the injustice of big coal, and the fight for womens’ equality. — Set against the backdrop of bluegrass
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Monday Music: Cedric Burnside (and the Roots Music Festival at “Cultivating the Delta”).

Arkansas State University’s annual Delta Symposium will begin this Wednesday in Jonesboro. This year’s theme is “Cultivating the Delta,” and will bring together a variety of scholars, community workers, and students to explore concepts of place, sustainability, history, community, artistic expression, and community action. For the next few days we’ll be highlighting some of the
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Monday Music: “John Henry” played by Lesley Riddle

Week before last we posted about the book The Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song,  a graphic novel tracing the history of the Carter family and their influence on American music.  One of the key figures in the lives of the Carter and represented in the book is guitar player Lesley Riddle, an African American folk musician
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Monday Music: Sam Amidon “Climbing High Mountains.”

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Monday Music post. Sorry about that! We’ll have them back up and running now. It’s cloudy today in Arkansas, and this song from Sam Amidon seems perfect for this late afternoon.  It’s track 9 off his recently released fourth album, I See the Sign. Amidon is known
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Monday Music: Irma Thomas, “Two Winters Long.”

Often referred to as the “Soul Queen of New Orleans,” Irma Thomas is a songwriter and musician who’s recorded for Mint Records, Chess, Imperial, and Rounder Records. She still performs today, especially in her home state of Lousianna where she owns a club in the French Quarter. Thanks so much to Mike Luster for recommending
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