Ed Whitfield Visits Little Rock: More on the Renaissance Community Co-Op

food desertLast week Datule Artist Collective and Little Rock Collective Liberation hosted an afternoon discussion with Whitfield to drive collective action in central Arkansas and beyond.  A longtime organizer originally from Little Rock, Whitfield gave a talk entitled “Blood, Bones, and Dirt,” which focused on the long history of slavery and capitalism while also offering examples of democratic power building on a local scale. Click here to read more about Whitfield. 

In future posts we’ll talk more about Ed’s talk and follow-up actions that were strengthened and borne of that event. As part of this forward motion, we want to highlight some of the resources Ed shared with us during his visit so we can all do more research and speak with our communities.

During his talk he gave the example of the Renaissance Community Co-Op located in Greesnboro. Whitfield is a key organizer in this cooperative, which has been working for the past three years to bring a community owned grocery store to the community.

Check out this video to learn more.

There is a great deal of information online about the cooperative and it has been featured in numerous articles and publications. You can learn more about this local problem solving and the stories behind their work by checking out all the resources they have available online by clicking here. 

We’ll continue to post information from Ed’s talk and more information about related events and organizing in Little Rock. We regularly post about Little Rock on our facebook page, so if you’re not already follow that here.