Campbell Garden in Pope County. Photo by Saira Khan.

Campbell Garden in Pope County. Photo by Saira Khan.

The McElroy House:  Organization for Cultural Resources is a partnership organization of the Boiled Down Juice.

The McElroy House was recently featured in the Arkansas Times Big Ideas issue. You can read our piece here or follow the original Arkansas Times link here. 

A small-scale folklife, oral history and community action organization based in central Arkansas, we work primarily  in semi-rural Yell and Pope Counties where the organization developed. Like the BDJ, the Mc House is a work in progress, growing organically to reflect the voices of the community and growing to partner with communities in Little Rock as well.

We are a grassroots community-based organization working to find local solutions to local problems. Valuing our landscape and our cultural resources, we explore how the past informs the present, and how, by building bridges across generations and cultures, we can work toward a stronger and more inclusive future for Pope and Yell Counties. All of our work is focused toward intergenerational and cross-cultural partnership building. Many of us are mothers of young children, and we believe strongly in working with both youth and elders.

Working to build connections between smaller towns and urban areas, we strive to explore some of the larger ideas you may find discussed here on the Boiled Down Juice  on a small, local scale. Our partnership is multi-directional and we’re always in a process of learning. Here are some recent projects/writings/updates from the Mc House.  If you’re interested in working with us we’d love to hear from you.

Here are a few things we’re working on: 

* Once a month skill shares

*LID Parking lot to open center 

* Partnership with ARVAC and Freedom House to create onsite healing gardens 

* Oral History Radio: Life in Harkey Valley, a Conversation with Bud Rector and J.L. Martin

* Kelsey Trotter partners with McElroy House for participatory research in the Marshall School System as part of the Delta Garden Study

*Garden Book, a conversation starter and action builder. 

* Intergeneration Gardening (a part of our Garden Book outreach)

*Gardening is art is food is beauty is community–Saira Khan’s garden portraits