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Hearths of Courage: Growing Beloved Communities

A few weeks ago near Harrison, Arkansas the KKK hosted a week long training camp. Open to ages sixteen and up, the camp attracted people from around the nation and sought to build “a mighty army” to fight against “racial genocide” and bring about “racial redemption.” This is the same KKK who purchased the large
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Friday Video Myles Horton: Radical Hillbilly

Here’s some Friday inspiration. Myles Horton was one of the founders of the Highlander Research and Education Center, most widely known for its role in the civil rights movement and in the Appalachian People’s Movements. He was interviewed by Bill Moyers in 1981 where he discusses his childhood, the creation of Highlander, and his theories
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“Ella’s Song”: The Importance of Coming Together as Caregivers

  For as long as I can remember I’ve always been curious about what came before. As a child, I used to go about my days wondering what stories and experiences once occupied the places I called home. The adult version of that same childhood curiosity is what gave birth to this column and much
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American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs

In the last column I discussed the recent publication Muzzled Oxen: Reaping Cotton and Sowing Hope in 1920s Arkansas. I promised a series of columns on that book, and I’ll be picking back up with those in the following weeks. But this week I’d like to call attention to a film that will be available
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Created Equal Film Series

Arkansas Tech University, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities, is hosting a film series entitled Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle. Two films have already been shown—Slavery by Another Name and The Loving Story-–but community members still have an opportunity to catch the final two films before the series ends on April
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Medgar Evers, Mississippi Martyr.

The Seed and the Story is a weekly column exploring folklife, oral history, and community in central Arkansas, particularly the Yell County area where the column originates. The column is published in the Post Dispatch and is syndicated in the Courier. You can read previous columns here.  In 1963 civil right activist and NAACP field secretary Medgar Evers
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The Seed and the Story: Samuel S. Taylor and the Federal Writers Project (FWP Part 5)

For the past several weeks this column has focused on the Federal Writers’ Project and the role the project played in documenting life in 1930s Arkansas. One of the project’s major undertakings was the documentation of the stories of ex-slaves throughout the state. Research on the project took place in thirteen states, but the largest
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Friday Video: Preview of Anne Braden: Southern Patriot

Earlier this week, on May 1st, International Worker’s Day,  Appashop released the film,  Anne Braden: Southern Patriot.  Produced by Anne Lewis and Mimi Pickering, Appalshop describes the film as a “feature length documentary exploring the remarkable legacy of this grassroots organizer, committed journalist, civil rights leader, movement strategist, social chronicler, public intellectual, teacher and mentor to three
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Friday Video: Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story.

While in Memphis for the Folklorists in the South retreat we visited the amazing Stax Museum and heard a little bit about working behind the scenes at the museum from Levon Williams, curator of collections.  The visit to Stax was inspiring, and an excellent example of the power of music to work toward change.  So this week’s
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The Seed and the Story: Paths of Tradition Bearing

The Seed and the Story is a weekly column exploring folklife, sustainability, oral history, human rights,and community in Yell County, Arkansas.   The column is published in the Post Dispatch and is syndicated in the Courier.  Please remember to support your local paper and independent media!  The Seed and the Story column is just of many features you can
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