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Friday Video: Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work

Shift Change examines the movement toward democratic, worker-owned businesses from the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation [MCC] in the Basque region of Spain to the recent creation of the Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleaveland, Ohio. Produced by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin, this film explores a different kind of business model, putting communities and human lives above bottom line profits. You can
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Interactive Discussion with Democracy Collaberative and Community–Please Join Us!

Are you interested in small-scale local economies and the role they can play in sustainable futures? We’d love for you to join us in sharing your ideas, questions, and concerns with members of and the Demcoracy Collaberative. Community-Wealth.Org is a project of the Democracy Collaborative, an organization with the goal of  sustaining “a wide
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MACS Students Discuss Cultural Sustainability and Social Justice at the American Folklore Society Meeting, 2012

This past week we attended (and presented–we’ll have more on that soon) at the annual American Folklore Society Meeting. For the next few days we’ll be recapping/ruminating upon some of the talks and discussions as well as sharing information about a few of the amazing people we met and the inspiring work they’re doing in
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A Study to Strengthen Local Food Systems in the Little Rock Area

There’s a new project underway in Little Rock  helping to identify the underpinnings of a vibrant, healthy and local food system. Engaging a diverse group of stakeholders including civic leaders, institutional leaders, politicians, business leaders, food producers, and consumers, the project will engage in participatory research to learn what exactly the city needs to support
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Rethinking Community: Canada and a Folklorist’s Realization

Today’s post comes from our newest contributor to the blog, Nic Hartmann. A folklorist and PhD candidate, Hartmann discusses moving to Newfoundland, the economic and cultural diaspora facing residents of the community where he lives, and the importance of attachment to place as both concept and geographical location. One of the things he is learning
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Three Great Events This Saturday!: Juneteenth celebration, an urban homesteading workshop, and a poultry swap.

There’s a lot of great stuff happening tomorrow in Little Rock!   And the great thing is that all the separate events are spaced throughout the day so if you wanted to you can make it to all three!  That’s going to be our goal, so we hope to see you there!   And they’re
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2011 Arkansas Seed Swaps Co-sponsored by Conserving Arkansas’s Agricultural Heritage

Do you have save heirloom seeds? Are you interested in learning more about seed saving? CAAH, Conserving Arkansas’s Agricultural Heritage, will sponsor ten seed swaps around the state of Arkansas beginning the 2nd of February. Anyone is welcome to come to bring seeds to swap and share. If you don’t have seeds to swap, bring envelopes
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Online Petition Asks Obama to Create Secretary of Arts Position

I found out about this online petition, authored by Quincy Jones, on the Public Folklore Listserve. More information can be found at the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Government and Policy Watch section of their webpage here.
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Participatory Research in Folklore?

Participatory research is typically defined as a form of research which combines three things: research, education, and action. Strongly linked to social action, participatory research is largely becoming the norm in many fields which folklorists sometimes see as competitors in the fight for departments and funding such as Women’s Studies, African American Studies, Pan-African Studies,
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