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Culture. Community. Cooperation: 3rd Annual Urban Raw Festival!

When: September 12th, 3:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Where: Dunbar Garden, 1801 W. Chester in Little Rock. There is a growing co-op movement in Little Rock, and much of it is headed up by the brilliant women on Solfood Catering. They’ve been hosting the Urban Raw Festival for a few years now, and each year it has
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Here is Where We Must Begin: Water, Drought, and Flowers

This column was originally published in ABOUT the River Valley magazine and it part of a long-standing series with the publication. The banks of the Arkansas river are over flowing. Last week the water went up past the basketball goals in downtown Dardanellle and all the low water bridges have washed out. The wetlands in
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Friday Video Myles Horton: Radical Hillbilly

Here’s some Friday inspiration. Myles Horton was one of the founders of the Highlander Research and Education Center, most widely known for its role in the civil rights movement and in the Appalachian People’s Movements. He was interviewed by Bill Moyers in 1981 where he discusses his childhood, the creation of Highlander, and his theories
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Don’t Kill the Dandelions! Make Fritters Instead. (Yes Fritters)

  Dandelions are popping up everywhere. We’ve been taught they’re weeds, something to be banished from our yards and handled with highly toxic chemicals like Roundup. But they’re actually herbs and they play a hugely important role in our local ecosystems. They’re food for butterflies and bees, those creatures we so desperately need to keep
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McElroy House to Partner with CAAH (Conserving Arkansas’s Agricultural Heritage)

This Seed and the Story column originally ran in the Courier newspaper on May 4th, 2014.  If you’re a regular reader of this column you’ve heard a lot about the annual heirloom seed swaps that take place in Pope County each year. Hosted by the the CAAH Organization (Central Arkansas New Agrarian Society), these swaps
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Rachel Carson’s Birthday, Butterfly Resources, New Column Dates

This column originally ran Sunday April 20, 2014.  This past week marked the 50th anniversary of the death of naturalist Rachel Carson, author of the landmark 1962 book, Silent Spring in which she spoke out about the increased used of chemical pesticide and warned the public about the longterm effects DDT on the soil, the
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Backyard Living: The Joy of Seed Catalogs

This piece is the newest installment in the “Backyard Living” column, an ongoing partnership between the Boiled Down Juice, ABOUT the River Valley magazine, A View from the Backroads and the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources and Community Action.  Walking in the February snow I noticed a few volunteer cornflowers sprouting near last year’s flower
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Wildflowers and the Discernment of Weeds

Just this past year I’ve noticed my four- year old sons are starting to learn how to distinguish the differences in plants. They’re excited about the coming of spring and ready to work in the garden. After spending a great deal of time with the leaves this past fall, they’ve begun to notice the subtleties
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Thinking About Water: An Update on the LID Workshop

We can’t live without water. We know this, but how often do we consider how our own actions might encourage or discourage healthy waterways for future generations? A few weeks ago the McElroy House Organization worked in connection with the City of Russellville’s Clean and Green Initiative to host a free LID workshop at Russellville
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Learning from the Leaves

Every time my four-year old sons pass a pile of leaves they look up at me excitedly with a lilt in their voice. “Mom, it’s still fall!” they exclaim with wonder as they jump or kick their way through the crunch and squish of the pile. Kids seem to understand the magic of fallen leaves.
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