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Friday Video: “The Real Science is the Science of Interconnection.” Vandana Shiva on the Problem with Genetically-Modified Seeds

Friday Video posts are a (semi) regular feature on the Boiled Down Juice and explore concepts of community, history, and culture. If you’re interested in suggesting a video, please let us know. We’d love to hear your ideas.  If you’re already familiar with GMO (genetically-modified organisms) and have been following the recent developments, or if
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Stories and Movement from Arkansas and Beyond: Blogging for Human Rights Day, Partnership with the Ella Baker Center

Earlier this month the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights put out a call for writers, site administrators, and bloggers around the nation to come together on Monday December 10th, Human Rights Day, for an event they titled “Blogging for Human Rights Day — a one day blog carnival to shed light on human rights abuses and
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Friday Video: Activist Larry Gibson: An American Hero Remebered

Today’s Friday Video is taken from the film, YERT (Your Environmental Roadtrip), a a sustainable solutions documentary produced by Ben Evans in the Spring of 2008. One of the people featured in the film was environmental activist Larry Gibson, a staunch advocate against mountain top removal. Gibson  passed away this past week at the age
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Friday Video: Schools That Change Communites

We discovered today’s Friday Video via the Boggs Center’s recent post (thanks Boggs Center!) Produced by Bob Gliner, Schools That Change Communitues follows the path of a few public schools around the nation that are rethinking the process of education, getting out of the classroom and into the community and seeking to strengthen inter-generational bonds, communicate across
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The Seed and the Story: Imagining Phytoremediation in Our Own Backyards.

The Seed and the Story is a weekly column exploring folklife, sustainability, oral history, human rights,and community in Yell County (and surrounding areas), Arkansas.    We focus on the local but the concepts are universal.  The column is published in the Post Dispatch and is syndicated in the Courier.  Please remember to support your local paper and independent
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Neighborhood Writing Alliance and the Journal of Ordinary Thought

We’ve recently been made aware of  a wonderful Chicago-based organization that brings together popular education theory with participant-based engagement in the arts. They work to envision, as their mission statement says, “a society where adults connect through creative communities in which writing, discussing, and publishing personal narrative leads to civic engagement, neighborhood vitality, and social transformation.”
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Friday Video: Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Last week I had this scheduled for the Friday video, but forgot to hit the publish button! But that worked out well because I just found out this morning that this film has been added to the line up of the Little Rock Film Festival! Here’s the lastest information from the Rock Candy blog: The Little
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Friday Video: Truck Farm

This week’s video is a teaser from one of the films they showed last week at the Dig In Festival in Fayettveille, Arkansas. Based in Brooklyn, this film chronicles the making of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in the back of a 1986 truck, an effort to supply healthy, locally grown food in urban centers.
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Recorded Stories from the Russellville Seed Swap

For the last few days we’ve been posting about the organization Conserving Arkansas Agricultural Heritage.  This week’s Seed and the Story column was an overview of the organization, and this week’s Friday Video, features a trailer from the Seed Swap documentary, produced by Zachariah McCannon, about the beginning of the swaps. Last year I attended the Russellville
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“Hand of Man” Video About Mountain Top Removal

The band Magnolia Mountain recently released a video for their song “Hand of Man” about the horrors of Appalachian mountaintop removal.  The song appears on the Music for the Mountains compilation cd, which was released last year (to read about that project go here). According to the band’s web page, the video took about a
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