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Culture. Community. Cooperation: 3rd Annual Urban Raw Festival!

When: September 12th, 3:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Where: Dunbar Garden, 1801 W. Chester in Little Rock. There is a growing co-op movement in Little Rock, and much of it is headed up by the brilliant women on Solfood Catering. They’ve been hosting the Urban Raw Festival for a few years now, and each year it has
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Singing Schools and the Encyclopedia of Arkansas Music

Last week’s column highlighted just a few of the entries from the recently released Encyclopedia of Arkansas Music. Published by the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, the book draws from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture’s online collection of entries about the past and present of Arkansas music. As editor Ali Wekly writes in
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Monday Music: Bardic Divas: Women’s Voices in Central Asia

Today’s Monday Music post comes from a 2007 Smithsonian Folkways release entitled “Music of Central Asia Vol. 4: Bardic Divas: Women’s Voices in Central Asia.” Focusing on diverse styles of women’s music throughout central Asia, the series is part of a 10 cd set and is a co-production of the Aga Khan Music Initiative in
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Monday Music: “There Is Power In a Union” by Billy Bragg

Today’s Monday Music post comes from regular Boiled Down Juice author, Nic Hartmann, who discusses how Bragg’s music draws from past generations to remind us of the work still left to be done.  Want to contribute to our Monday Music series and tell your story about a song or artist? Click here to contact us. 
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Monday Music: Cedric Burnside (and the Roots Music Festival at “Cultivating the Delta”).

Arkansas State University’s annual Delta Symposium will begin this Wednesday in Jonesboro. This year’s theme is “Cultivating the Delta,” and will bring together a variety of scholars, community workers, and students to explore concepts of place, sustainability, history, community, artistic expression, and community action. For the next few days we’ll be highlighting some of the
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Testimonials for Ancestors and the Sustainable Work of the Raíces Cultural Center

The Raíces Cultural Center, located in central New Jersey, is dedicated to the preservation of the full spectrum of caribbean cultural arts including music, dance, art, and the spoken word. The word raíces means roots, and the center operates from a core belief that cultural arts are a central part of the human experience and should
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Monday Music: Kate and Anna McGarrigle “Walking Song.”

A few weeks ago on the Monday Music series we featured Martha Wainwright’s recent recording of “Proserpina.”This week we’re featuring her mother and aunt, the famous McGarrigle sisters from their 1977 album Dancer With the Bruised Knees.  Born in Montreal of English and French Canadaian background, Kate and Anna put out over ten albums from the
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Monday Music: “Leaving Eden” by the Carolina Chocolate Drops

The grammy-winning Carolina Chocolate Drops‘ recent album Leaving Eden has been hailed as the one of the best and most important roots albums of the year. It’s their fourth album, and like their previous recordings, draws on the African American string band tradition while mixing in modern vocal styles, rhythms, and nuance. Today’s Monday Music features one
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Friday Video: Julianna Barwick Tiny Desk Concert

It’s been about a year since we first posted about Julianna Barwick and her choral-inspired, hipster-Enya sounding, transcendent, looping vocal melodies. We recently stumbled across this great NPR tiny desk concert video which gives you a front row seat for Barwick’s sound layering techniques. Filmed at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas on March 18,
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Monday Music: Handsome Family, “All the TVs in Town.”

Today’s Monday Music comes from husband and wife duo, the Handsome Family’s, 2001 album, “Twilight.” With their bizarre stories and sparse arrangement, Handsome Family songs are welcome earworms. What’s your favorite Handsome Family song or album? Click here for a list of upcoming shows. Do you have suggestions for our regular Monday Music series? Send
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