What the Children Will Expect of Us: A Living Room Conversation

what the children will expectLast week a coalition of several organizations and individuals across the south launched a media campaign calling on white people in small towns and rural areas to stand up against white supremacy and break through the cultures of silence surrounding race and racism.

Our media campaign is just the first step in our collective long haul work in supporting multi-racial movements for change. This isn’t simply about southerners proclaiming they aren’t racist. This is about joining together to educate ourselves to fight systemic racism and white supremacy, wherever we live or work.

 Recent Images from the Other Arkansas Campaign: 

As a part of this campaign the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources will be hosting our first Living Room Conversation entitled What the Children Will Expect of Us: Speaking Out Against Hate and Silence. We’re working with Southerners on New Ground (SONG) to build up resources for this first gathering. This will be the first of many such events and will be shaped by the needs and concerns of the local community. Other coalition partners will be joining us in hosting their own events in their home communities (more details to come)

The gathering, entitled “What the Children Will Expect of Us,” will focus on daily life in local communities. This is not a space to engage in academic discussions of structural theory. This is a place for people to get real about racism in everyday life and to talk about the world we want to build for the children who will come long after we’re all gone. That’s not to say that we will askew discussions of structural racism. Far from it. Rather, we’re taking our cues from some of our greatest inspirations—Ella Baker, Anne Braden, and Zilphia Horton—and centering this gathering in the language of lived experience and growing outward from there.

Our coalition is very grassroots, so we don’t currently have a central webpage where all the organizing and events are listed. But, we’re working that! To follow our work, visit the media campaigns at the links below. We’ve also included a list of the publications and articles that give some backstory on this campaign.

Click here to rsvp to the conversation. 

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Please be sure to visit the campaigns online:

The Other Arkansas

Not My Ozarks

The Other Tennessee

The Other Mississppi

* If you have not already, please join us in submitting your photo and speaking out!

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The coalition includes the following organizations:

  • SURJ: Showing Up for Racial Justice (Nashville)
  • SONG: Southerners on New Ground
  • McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources
  • Little Rock Collective Liberation
  • Fayetteville Free Zone
  • Russellville for Justice
  • Omni Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology
  • NotmyOzarks
  • Occupy the Ozarks, along with individuals representing their families and communities.