Radio Interview with Michael Vincent Williams, Author of Medgar Evers: Mississippi Martyr.


Author Micael Vincent Williams

You may recall one of our recent Seed and the Story columns highlighting the 2012 publication Medgar Evers: Mississippi Martyr. 

Written by Michael Vinson Williams and published by the University of Arkansas Press, this work explores the life and death of a human rights leader who dedicated his life to fighting for equality in Mississippi and beyond. Most importantly he touches on Evers role as a strategist, connecting with numerous branches of the movement to bring change to Mississippi. In the end, Williams notes, “No matter where you are in this country there are problems there. I think what this book does and what Evars does is really kind of puts you in the frame of mind that there is a responsibility that you as individual have to change the circumstances around you, whatever that may be.”

A recent piece produced by BDJ editor Meredith Martin-Moats for the Ozarks at Large Program on KUAF 91.3 FM  highlights Dr. William’s thoughts on the power of biography and the lessons Evers life holds for today. 

You can listen to the piece via KUAF  or click on the audio below.

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